Schoenberg Matteo Fossi Marco Gaggini


Chamber Symphonies - Five pieces op. 16

Two pianos & piano four-hands versions by Schoenberg, Berg, Webern

Chamber Symphony n.1 

(Four-hands piano version by Alban Berg)

Five pieces for orchestra op.16

(Two pianos version by Anton Webern)

Chamber Symphony n.2

(Two pianos version by Arnold Schoenberg)


Brilliant Classics 2017

"These stylishly played arrangements are like a calling card for the Second Viennese School [...] The chamber symphonies sound surprisingly akin".

The Sunday Times

"There in short is a wealth of naked musical truth that showcases Schoenberg's remarkably forged vocabulary as if for the first time. Nothing can quite compare. Fossi and Gaggini bring a new brightness to these works and in their hands the transcriptions themselves are almost startling to hear now".

Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review